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Home Sweet Home: Keeping Things Positive During a Health Crisis

In these difficult times, uncertainty brings on stress and fear. It’s our responsibility to take care of ourselves and each other. Now more than ever, taking care of ourselves and others is a daily priority. We’ve gathered this list of things we love to help you ease any tedium you might be experiencing during this unexpected downtime and try something new (or just relax in the bath, honor how you feel!).

Grocery shopping? As you probably know by now, this virus can live on surfaces for some time, so treat everything you bring into your home like it’s covered in glitter. Here is a great guide on how to stay safe while unpacking anything you’re bringing into your home.

If you are having a hard time finding disinfecting products to purchase, here is a great resource on how to make your own.

Make your own face masks. This innovative helper has a video tutorial and printable .pdf files you can use to fit the masks for adults and children.

Gather in the kitchen and explore the newest baking trend: BREAD!

We found this article for 10 easy bread recipes you can make and share (or not) with the family.

No yeast? Here’s how to make your own at home.

Another thing you can whip up to help with some indulgent self-care is your very own homemade bath soak. We love this moisturizing detox bath. Bonus- enjoying a relaxing bath has a whole slew of benefits, including helping you sleep better and feel more rested.

One way to disconnect before you go to bed is to stop scrolling through today’s scary information, put down the phone, and pick up a book. Staff at Vanity Fair has put together what they call the “most absorbing, distracting, engaging books they can think of”.

Go to Yale, via Coursera. Join over two million students in the free online course offered by Yale University “The Science of Well-being”. Coursera has 1,534 absolutely free courses available online, so if you find yourself mindlessly surfing the web, turn this into an opportunity to go Ivy League. 

No matter what your circumstances during this unprecedented time, please be gentle with yourselves and others. The most important things are to stay healthy and look for the good. There are many resources for the happy stories happening now. We like for a pick me up of wonderful empathetic humans doing great things.

Pro tip! You can order these (and many other things) online from your local grocery store, or pharmacy to either pick up curbside or get delivered right to your home. Support your local businesses now if you can.

Be well, stay safe. We’ll see you soon!