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August 2020

Kristalia jazzes up the archetype of the chair through photography series

By MiaCucina SoFla

Founded by a group of young jazz fans from friuli in north-east italy in 1994, furniture manufacturer kristalia connects the very best of local designs – and their creatives – to the nation and beyond. they establish long lasting relationships with artisans, unearth new talents, and showcase designs that are loud in uniqueness. from chairs and tables to accessories and furnishings, their products tilt towards minimalism on the aesthetic scale in order to clearly and solely showcase their essential qualities. the results bring beauty, energy and amusement to the local community as well as to their international customers. in their playful manner, a curation of photographers and video makers capture new perspectives of their latest chair, the kristalia LP. Read more at

How to make every room of your house smell good

By MiaCucina SoFla

From the kitchen to the bathroom…

Smell is one of our most important senses and it can influence our mood without us realising. If you’re having trouble sleeping, lacking productivity when working from home, finding it difficult to de-stress, or can’t shift the stale smell of last night’s dinner, don’t fret – you can use candles, essential oils in diffusers, or plants to enhance the aroma of every room of your home. Read more at

6 Contemporary Kitchen Trends That Will Last For Years to Come

By MiaCucina SoFla

From appliances and lighting to tiles, cabinetry, and shelving, say hello to six modern kitchen trends that are sure to stand the test of time.

As thrilling as a kitchen renovation can be, we know modern revamps can come with quite a hefty price-tag, which is why it’s essential to integrate design that not only illustrates your personality and style, but will also stand the test of time. Here, we reveal six contemporary kitchen trends that will last for years to come. Read More at