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February 2020

Things We Love

By MiaCucina SoFla

Being in this industry means we watch new ideas and trends come to be often, and there are some classic things we love that will never go out of style.

There are so many ways to express style through interior design. From the architectural layout and structure to unique accents and colors, we can’t get enough. In the spirit of the month of LOVE- here are a few of our forevers.


Granite, marble, travertine; these elements straight from the earth bring strength and an organic feel to the things we create and adorn our homes with.


We love the pop of a green plant, or a bright bowl of lemons, or a bouquet of flowers. Putting plants, veggies or fruit as decor allows for seasonal nods that give a touch of summer, fall, winter or spring.


We always love when something new comes from a designer that we just HAVE to have when creating a space. Nothing is forever; new trends inspire new ideas and often- total renovations. “Out with the old” can be incredibly refreshing, and investments in things that can be easily changed, like paint and fixtures and lighting, are easy ways to incorporate this decade’s color palette, sleek lines & fixtures.


Whether it’s timeless antique flooring or solid pieces of furniture, wood brings a unique warmth and endless options for design. We love oak cabinets, cedar in closets, and mahogany furniture. The way woods pair with stone elements perfectly ties everything together.


As we look back through the decades, you can almost “name that timeline” based on a certain color palette. The most classic color is the most basic: white. Yet “white” scores across the Pantone spectrum including hundreds of variables that offer coordinating hues to any color. We love a white that shows a range of colors in different lighting; greys, greens, blues, and warm tones. One thing we love about a clean white is that it is the base for everything and can often be the star of the show.



You are always you, yet even you will change over the years. Things that represent your journey, your memories, and your passions make for lovely home decor. Artwork by your favorite artist, books, photos, and collections from your travels all make a house a home. Being able to customize where these things shine is so nice when planning a space and you, of course, ARE your style, so it will always be loved.

Wishing you love always,

MiaCucina FL