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September 2020


By MiaCucina SoFla

Traditional Italian menus have five sections. A full meal usually consists of an appetizer, first course and a second course with a side dish. It’s not necessary to order from every course, but usually people order at least two courses. Traditional meals may last one or two hours or even longer. Italians often go out for a long Sunday lunch with their families and restaurants will be lively. It’s a good chance to experience Italian culture.

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In the heat of the summer

By MiaCucina SoFla

In the heat of the summer, during an ongoing pandemic, people tend to think of our limitations. It’s too hot, we can’t go out, we’re bored… Luckily, there are plenty of  ways to make your glass of Rosé half full vs almost empty. We’re doing a two part piece on how to make this time something fun for everyone.

Summer Part One: Stay Inside

Watch a movie, in Italian. 

We’re spending even more time indoors than usual and cozying up on the couch isn’t as appealing when you’ve binged watched everything on Netflix. Twice. We found a curated list of the best italian movies you can watch to transport you in time, and across the globe that are sure to give you a welcome new world view.

Take your bathroom to the next level. 

If you’ve found yourself with more opportunities to lounge in the tub, why not daydream about a future reno the next time you’re in a bubble bath, and add a few spa-like features?

Natural light, new flooring, and recessed lighting can all add to your bathroom sanctuary feeling and looking more like a spa.  Check out endless inspiration pictures here. 

Time to Chef up. 

If you haven’t jumped on the culinary wave, now is the time. Don’t worry if you’re the type that burns toast, we found a great guide from Mark Bittman on how to get really good at cooking.

’Tis the season. 

Summer yields gorgeous produce and there are endless ideas how to put together a fantastic dinner you can enjoy. Food and Wine Magazine has a ton of summer ready recipes to practice your culinary skills on, including this Squid Pizza with Saffron Aioli that’s ready in 35 minutes. 

Don’t forget a crisp glass of Rosé to wash it all down with. Wine Enthusiast has some of our favorites ranked and reviewed here. 

Play a game. 

Whether it’s just you (solitaire is addicting), you and your partner, or the whole family; one of the best ways to make some memories and pass the time is by getting out a deck of cards. Casino night can be anywhere with a set of chips. We found some games for two, or you can learn a few new twists to poker. Here are 5 games that you can play in 5 min.

You’re the sweetest. 

Who doesn’t love dessert? How about homemade ice cream? Or homemade limoncello? We love both and have found the process for making both rewarding. Limoncello was ubiquitous along coastal Italy our last trip, and sipping this sweet lemony digestif brings back fond memories. It’s easy to make, and is an instant favorite. 

Then of course, we all scream for ice cream. We found 48 recipes we’ll be content to experiment with well into fall. 

Next segment, we’ll be taking things outside. Until then, enjoy your home sweet home.