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Creative Design Elements We Love to See

We’re always inspired by how the constant swirl creativity and design manifests itself in our homes. Never more so than now have we seen such a sleek ambiance in design, and since we love to share the new, here are some of our favorite statements.

Go for gold: 

Gold accents make fixtures that much more show stopping. It brings a bit of unexpected glamour to a space and is a great way to update your decor. Plus gold is a great color to pair with. Pick pops of navy, orange, or white to create a simultaneously modern and classic feel.



Get Unhinged: 

One of the sleekest things we’ve seen is the lack of hardware altogether. It creates a seamless modern look to a space, and really- a bit of wow factor. When you can tap your wall and out slides a beautifully lit space for stunning glassware, it feels pretty damn cool.


Little Black Accents: 

Not unlike the little black dress, black will always be timeless and classic. We love the way black can break up and highlight an all-white space. Black can also stand on its own, giving a dramatic feel to a room.

Under the Hood: 

Hooded stoves are the new blank canvases of kitchens. We’ve seen some unexpected creativity that we love; organic elements, copper, gold, glass, anything goes. Instead of an industrial necessity, hoods are now showpieces of design.


Let there be light: 

Soaring ceilings and windows invite the outside in. We can’t decide which natural light lends itself to more, bathrooms or kitchens, so we pick both. Say bye to bright sterile LED lights and embrace the natural light as another design element of a space.


Be joyful: 

We’ve all been swept up in the Marie Kondo question; does it bring you joy? This works for all facets of life, but we especially love it as a design strategy. The coordinated, organized, out of sight aesthetic that comes from things you love each in their own place is the sophisticated, relaxed joy felt from the perfect use of space. Bye, unnecessary clutter! We like a place for everything and everything in its place.