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Our Favorite Design Trends of the Decade

Susana Martinez

It’s hard to believe a decade has passed, but with it has come beautiful lasting style and functionality that stands to transcend into the next decade. With so much creativity and innovation in our industry, it’s hard to pick, but these are a few of our favorite trends that have shaped interior design over the past ten years.

Record e Cucine Cortina, People, Modern Collection


The world is smaller than ever! The accessibility of international furnishings has become easier, and visual inspiration is all over the internet. There has been an impactful international influence on colors, patterns, and even materials we see in interior design. Handmade pieces, knit accents, globally inspired pillows, linens, and more have woven into our homes and brought a beautiful regional nod to places all over the world.

Interior Lighting

Lighting used to exist overhead, with the occasional lamp on a side table. Now, lighting has become an integral part of design. The ambiance of a room is now softened by lighting systems, dimmers, floor lamps, and more. Lights highlighting our closets, under cabinets, and drawers change the purpose of lighting. Light shows architectural details, art, space, and furnishings. It can change the purpose of the room. The fixtures often nod to classics with comebacks of Edison bulbs and industrial materials like copper and heavy glass. Lighting fixtures have become focal points, illuminating our space and things. Thankfully, we don’t see this trend fading away anytime soon.

Record e Cucine Cortina, People, Modern Collection

Versatile Space and Materials

Open concepts, cement floors and surfaces, textured walls, and natural elements are redefining the traditional spaces. Rooms traditionally used as a formal living or dining space now shift away from traditional design that spoke to a different time and era of home life into open concepts and modern living areas. New traditions fit into our bold, sleek open spaces adorned with incorporated nature, plants, organic and industrial materials more often and in more flexible ways.

Multifunctional Elements

Countertops that double as a table, things tucked away into organized storage, transitional pieces in our closets, kitchens, and more. Bespoke home design has given purpose to our furnishings more than ever before. Designers are thinking outside the box, and unique individual needs are easier than ever to incorporate into our home without sacrificing style or space.