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MiaCucina SoFla

Creative Design Elements We Love to See

By MiaCucina SoFla

We’re always inspired by how the constant swirl creativity and design manifests itself in our homes. Never more so than now have we seen such a sleek ambiance in design, and since we love to share the new, here are some of our favorite statements.

Go for gold: 

Gold accents make fixtures that much more show stopping. It brings a bit of unexpected glamour to a space and is a great way to update your decor. Plus gold is a great color to pair with. Pick pops of navy, orange, or white to create a simultaneously modern and classic feel.



Get Unhinged: 

One of the sleekest things we’ve seen is the lack of hardware altogether. It creates a seamless modern look to a space, and really- a bit of wow factor. When you can tap your wall and out slides a beautifully lit space for stunning glassware, it feels pretty damn cool.


Little Black Accents: 

Not unlike the little black dress, black will always be timeless and classic. We love the way black can break up and highlight an all-white space. Black can also stand on its own, giving a dramatic feel to a room.

Under the Hood: 

Hooded stoves are the new blank canvases of kitchens. We’ve seen some unexpected creativity that we love; organic elements, copper, gold, glass, anything goes. Instead of an industrial necessity, hoods are now showpieces of design.


Let there be light: 

Soaring ceilings and windows invite the outside in. We can’t decide which natural light lends itself to more, bathrooms or kitchens, so we pick both. Say bye to bright sterile LED lights and embrace the natural light as another design element of a space.


Be joyful: 

We’ve all been swept up in the Marie Kondo question; does it bring you joy? This works for all facets of life, but we especially love it as a design strategy. The coordinated, organized, out of sight aesthetic that comes from things you love each in their own place is the sophisticated, relaxed joy felt from the perfect use of space. Bye, unnecessary clutter! We like a place for everything and everything in its place.


11 Things to Expect With Your Remodel

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85 Kitchens That’ll Make You Want To Redo Yours

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The kitchen is probably the most used room in your house, so you want it to be a space you enjoy spending time in. And aside from functioning appliances, a kitchen design you’ll love for years to come is of utmost importance. So whether you’re renovating or simply looking for some inspiration, we found 85 kitchen ideas that will help you optimize your own—and the best lessons to take from them. From country casual to sleek and modern—and literally everything in between–we’ve got all the kitchen remodel inspiration you could ever need. Gorgeous countertops, unique backsplashes, and statement lighting, we’re coming for you.

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Things We Love

By MiaCucina SoFla

Being in this industry means we watch new ideas and trends come to be often, and there are some classic things we love that will never go out of style.

There are so many ways to express style through interior design. From the architectural layout and structure to unique accents and colors, we can’t get enough. In the spirit of the month of LOVE- here are a few of our forevers.


Granite, marble, travertine; these elements straight from the earth bring strength and an organic feel to the things we create and adorn our homes with.


We love the pop of a green plant, or a bright bowl of lemons, or a bouquet of flowers. Putting plants, veggies or fruit as decor allows for seasonal nods that give a touch of summer, fall, winter or spring.


We always love when something new comes from a designer that we just HAVE to have when creating a space. Nothing is forever; new trends inspire new ideas and often- total renovations. “Out with the old” can be incredibly refreshing, and investments in things that can be easily changed, like paint and fixtures and lighting, are easy ways to incorporate this decade’s color palette, sleek lines & fixtures.


Whether it’s timeless antique flooring or solid pieces of furniture, wood brings a unique warmth and endless options for design. We love oak cabinets, cedar in closets, and mahogany furniture. The way woods pair with stone elements perfectly ties everything together.


As we look back through the decades, you can almost “name that timeline” based on a certain color palette. The most classic color is the most basic: white. Yet “white” scores across the Pantone spectrum including hundreds of variables that offer coordinating hues to any color. We love a white that shows a range of colors in different lighting; greys, greens, blues, and warm tones. One thing we love about a clean white is that it is the base for everything and can often be the star of the show.



You are always you, yet even you will change over the years. Things that represent your journey, your memories, and your passions make for lovely home decor. Artwork by your favorite artist, books, photos, and collections from your travels all make a house a home. Being able to customize where these things shine is so nice when planning a space and you, of course, ARE your style, so it will always be loved.

Wishing you love always,

MiaCucina FL


Wood is fantastic, even for bathroom furniture

By MiaCucina SoFla

If you’re still in doubt about using wood for bathroom furniture, this article is for you! This post examines the pros and cons of the most popular interior decor material, with a collection of photographs to inspire you.

Reflecting on the2019 edition of Cersaie, the Italian trade fair dedicated to cladding and bathroom furniture, we can say that, in spite of the abundance of technical materials with a host of features, wood remains the most admired and coveted material. However, inexplicably, prejudice against using it in bathrooms, which can be damp, is still common. And yet some types of wood have been widely used for centuries to build boats: why are we so wary of using it in bathrooms?

Both solid wood and veneered versions can be used for bathroom floors and furniture (also for accessories, as you can read in this post), if it is duly waterproofed. However, this doesn’t mean that it can be neglected; the surface is more delicate than other materials and requires care.

Let’s think about the advantages and disadvantages, especially regarding bathrooms.

PROS: the unbeatable advantages of wood (in the bathroom, too)

  • warmth: it’s well-known that no other material can give the same sensation to the touch;
  • scent: wood stimulates the nose, besides touch (and in turn imperceptibly absorbs odours over time,);
  • aesthetics: the surface of natural wood is unique and unrepeatable: grain, imperfections, small holes and colour differences are all details that make a wooden surface inimitable.
  • exclusiveness: some species bring unbeatable elegance and value to furniture items, especially when crafted by expert hands.

CONS: the typical aspects of a living material

  • wood changes over time, changing colour (imperceptibly) and shape as it adapts to the degree of damp and light in the room;
  • if not treated, it absorbs water and humidity, with the risk of permanent damage;
  • cleaning requires special delicate products and a little extra attention (e.g. teak needs brushing to keep it intact);
  • it is not the right choice for those who have no time to dedicate to its care.

The Cubik collection, for example, is a collection of bathroom furniture that pays homage to the most natural, almost rustic, species of wood; living matter that tells a story with its surface, knots and grain, connected with the earth and the passing of time.

At the recent edition of Cersaie, an area of the Ideagroup stand displayed this material, presented in compositions featuring different aesthetics and styles.

Rovere Cadore (Cadore oak): one of the latest items in the Cubik collection, Cersaie 2019.

Rovere Cadore (Cadore oak): an oak species typical of the Belluno Cadore area, a material that revives the traditions and passions of a place that has symbolic ties to wood. Intense shades and dark grain bring a classical touch to the minimalism of a modern collection like Cubik.

If you weren’t at Cersaie, here are some pics from our stand!

Rovere Fossile (Fossil oak) for a Cubik top: news Cersaie 2019.

Rovere Fossile (Fossil oak). A strong contrast between fossil wood – whose colour and timeworn look tell the story of a place – and the black steel washbasin.

Rovere naturale (Natural oak): classical, all-purpose wood, suitable for both modern and traditional bathrooms. This photo: a detail of the 45° profile of Cubik drawers.

Oak is one of the most popular species, also in bathrooms, due to its versatility and easy coordination with any interior décor. Classical, modern, Scandinavian or rustic, oak fits harmoniously into any of these ambiences. For example, here Cubik in natural oak appears in a home version for daily use.

Veneered oak with continuous grain match: to accentuate the naturalness of this finish, the grain follows the profile of the bathroom unit (Cubik Collection).

Further inspiration for your bathroom furniture in wood?

Cubik is not the only collection of modern bathroom furniture that highlights the naturalness of wood. Below is a series of photographs showing different species and finishes, which will surely show you the most suitable one for your bathroom.

TEAK: Because teak is particularly durable, it is considered mainly suitable for use outdoors (Do you know it? This post provides information about this type of wood, where it comes from and how to take care of it in interior decoration projects).

Sanded solid teak: one of the finishes available for Sense, a minimal, linear collection that comes in either teak or Fenix, a highly technological material.

Wood or Fenix? Be inspired by the solutions provided by Sense

ABETE (FIR). Fir wood, with its characteristic knots and grain that give a Scandinavian touch to your decor, can also be used for bathroom furniture, including vanity unit tops.

Vintage version of solid fir wood: the vanity unit top by Dogma is perfect for a designer bathroom featuring wood.

Like this style? Take a look at the solutions by Dogma

Dark brown oak: the dark colour gives the oak wood a sophisticated look | Dolcevita Collection (here it is, if it’s new to you)

If you like just the look of wood?

Because wood is a living material that needs care and attention, it’s not what everyone wants. If you appreciate its texture but think a more practical material is better for your bathroom, or want to spend less, there are many valid alternatives with surfaces similar to wood (with the knots, colours and grain of the natural species realistically reproduced). The most popular are wood-effect ceramics and HPL laminates, also used for designer washbasins.

Robust HPL for the Nyù Collection: also available for washbasins, which boast a very realistic wood-effect finish.

Do you think Nyù suits you better? See here.


With regard to maintenance of wooden furniture in the bathroom, just a little more attention is enough to keep them in good condition over time: not intact, but still attractive. Because, as we said, wood is living matter and as such will change with you and your home. It is advisable to always dry water drops and splashes immediately so that they cannot infiltrate the wood. Bear in mind that not all detergents can be used for cleaning: apply a soft cloth with a non-abrasive, neutral detergent in the direction of the grain, followed by a damp cloth to remove residual detergent, and then dry the surface.


Article originally posted at Idea Group

Kitchen & Closet: Out with the Old

By MiaCucina SoFla

Jan 14, 2020

Kitchen & Closet: Out with the Old

It’s tradition to declare “out with the old and in with the new!” as a new year comes to be. It can be cathartic and energizing to declutter, get organized and clear your space, so take advantage of the new year’s optimism to help start fresh. Stepping back and taking stock in yourself and your surroundings can be a constructive way to assess where you’ve been… and where all your stuff is.

But seriously, where is all your stuff? We like to think of “things” in three categories. The first collection is sentimental, the second is necessary/useful, and the third set is “oh wow, how long has it been since we used this?”

The two spaces that tend to accumulate more things than we need are the kitchen and the closet, so we thought we’d give you a few tips to inspire your space refresh.


Make it thoughtful

Kitchen space and storage are places in our homes that can often be neglected, but with the right layout and customization, it’s easy to find and access what you need. Details like glass jars instead of cardboard packaging make things aesthetically pleasing to look at. Customizing space to organize drawers and tableware elevates the entire look and feel of your space. Put things within reach. Pay attention to the traffic pattern in your kitchen. Everything should be somewhere that makes sense for your surroundings.

Kitchen by RecordCucine. The finest in Italian Luxury kitchen design.

Clear off all surfaces

One of the most satisfying things is to enjoy your sleek beautiful space and decor without the punctuating clutter of a stack of mail, or a stray coat. Unfortunately, one of the easiest places to accumulate clutter is right out in the open. First, clear everything off and put it away in its place. No place for something? Ask the question; “what do I need this for?” If it’s a third cheese grater, it’s time to start a box for donations to give your local charity group.


Remember the 80/20 rule

You wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. When clearing out your closet, keep that in mind and ask yourself these questions:

  • Does this fit me?
  • When was the last time I wore this?
  • Is it a valuable item?
  • Does it need repair?
  • Is it in good condition?

Once you’ve answered honestly, you can begin to sort through what to keep, and what to donate.

Merchandise like a Boutique

Now that you have current pieces, that fit, and make you feel great when you wear them, it’s time to organize your clothes & accessories. Here’s a tip; organize your clothes and accessories the way you’d see them merchandised in a retail store, instead of by type (pants go here, dresses go there). I like to create my own unique categories and somehow; all of my staples and favorites fit right into either:

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (classic)

Night out in Paris (fun)

Walk in the Park (casual)

or Can’t Live Without (Cashmere wrap with a tiny hole that I walk the dog in)

It’s fun to organize once you define your personal style. A friend of mine uses Renegade Cowgirl, Fancy Lady, Nantucket in Summer, and Boho Beach Babe. Her husband is Soccer Dad, Beach Weekend, Professor on Sabbatical, and C Suite.

Now when I look at my sleek organized closet, I feel like I’m shopping my favorite things versus flipping through hangers thinking I have nothing to wear.

Pro tip:

Do one thing at a time

It’s easy to get instantly overwhelmed when thinking about clearing everything, so we suggest picking one thing to start. Enthusiasm tends to snowball with accomplishment so pick something easy first for more instant gratification. When you clear away the unnecessary, you’ll see your things in a new way.

Our Favorite Design Trends of the Decade

By MiaCucina SoFla

Susana Martinez

It’s hard to believe a decade has passed, but with it has come beautiful lasting style and functionality that stands to transcend into the next decade. With so much creativity and innovation in our industry, it’s hard to pick, but these are a few of our favorite trends that have shaped interior design over the past ten years.

Record e Cucine Cortina, People, Modern Collection


The world is smaller than ever! The accessibility of international furnishings has become easier, and visual inspiration is all over the internet. There has been an impactful international influence on colors, patterns, and even materials we see in interior design. Handmade pieces, knit accents, globally inspired pillows, linens, and more have woven into our homes and brought a beautiful regional nod to places all over the world.

Interior Lighting

Lighting used to exist overhead, with the occasional lamp on a side table. Now, lighting has become an integral part of design. The ambiance of a room is now softened by lighting systems, dimmers, floor lamps, and more. Lights highlighting our closets, under cabinets, and drawers change the purpose of lighting. Light shows architectural details, art, space, and furnishings. It can change the purpose of the room. The fixtures often nod to classics with comebacks of Edison bulbs and industrial materials like copper and heavy glass. Lighting fixtures have become focal points, illuminating our space and things. Thankfully, we don’t see this trend fading away anytime soon.

Record e Cucine Cortina, People, Modern Collection

Versatile Space and Materials

Open concepts, cement floors and surfaces, textured walls, and natural elements are redefining the traditional spaces. Rooms traditionally used as a formal living or dining space now shift away from traditional design that spoke to a different time and era of home life into open concepts and modern living areas. New traditions fit into our bold, sleek open spaces adorned with incorporated nature, plants, organic and industrial materials more often and in more flexible ways.

Multifunctional Elements

Countertops that double as a table, things tucked away into organized storage, transitional pieces in our closets, kitchens, and more. Bespoke home design has given purpose to our furnishings more than ever before. Designers are thinking outside the box, and unique individual needs are easier than ever to incorporate into our home without sacrificing style or space.