Surviving the Remodeling Process From Design To Done

By January 9, 2019 MiaCucina San Diego

Surviving the Remodeling Process From Design To Done

The process of remodeling can be long and tiring, so making it as easy as possible on yourself is key to surviving. Here are a few suggestions to take in order to make it smooth and enjoyable.

  1. Choose What You Want to Remodel

This first step might sound like a no-brainer, but for some people, deciding is the hardest part. This can particularly become a tough decision when the home is in need of multiple renovations or remodels. But which part should you take priority? Do you absolutely need that new shower and bathtub, or are updated kitchen appliances and countertops more crucial? It’s all subjective to each person’s needs, but make sure the choice is good for you.

  1. Decide on a Budget

Yes, this one is another obvious step, but sometimes prices can be underestimated immensely. One thing many people do not realize is that a budget is a goal cost that a person is aiming towards. There should always be a bit of wiggle room in every budget, especially when it comes to remodeling. Unexpected issues and costs should be accounted for as well because anything can happen. Having a budget should give the remodeler a good idea of what to aim for and expect including labor costs, new installations, etc. It is better to overestimate than underestimate.

  1. Gather inspo

Gathering inspiration is extremely important. On top of that, you want to make sure that you are researching looks and feels that you like BEFORE consulting a professional. It not only saves you time, it also gives the designer the opportunity and direction to effectively expand on your vision. When you have a vision of what you want, the budget and timing easily be planned.

  1. Timing

Make sure to choose the time of year you begin your remodel. Since the majority of the population does not have the luxury of relocating during a remodel, it makes more sense to think about how to best handle the remodeling havoc. We suggest identifying a time of year when your schedule is less hectic than usual. For most people, fall or spring time seems to be the best option. Since the weather is typically nicer during these times, finding a way to cook and have meals outside will help with the “no kitchen” situation.


  1. Combine High and Low

Pair high-end designer options on the pieces you care most about with items of a more budget-friendly cost. We all have those things that we cannot settle on, so blend that with cost-efficient items throughout the space. If lighting is your thing, then spend a good amount on that and match it with less expensive seating options and/or cabinetry.


  1. Get the Right Professionals

This task is a lot easier said than done. One thing to do when beginning your search is to ask for referrals and check credentials. Once you check up on those items, sit down and feel out the vibe with each potential contractor. Trust is a hard thing to earn let alone give out, especially with someone that will be in your home for a few months. After reaching a decision, make sure to get everything in writing and develop good communication. Lastly, once everything is complete, if you have new appliances, make sure to have all the warranties on file before parting ways.


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